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Nationwide Installation

At JET Charge, we provide the best electric vehicle hardware and software solutions, as well as a full range of installation services throughout Australia. Whether you require installation in the home or the office, an EV charger in a public space or in your apartment car park - wherever you are, JET Charge are here to provide you with a solution. 

We make the entire process simple. We supply the hardware.  We install it.  We manage it. 

It’s that easy. JET Charge can set up your entire solution, or we can do any one part of it - whatever you require for your EV. That's our commitment to ensuring our clients get the best solution, every time.

That's why JET Charge has deployed the most EV charging stations of any one company in Australia.

Because of our industry leading experience, we have been appointed as the official recommended installer for the following brands.

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Smart Grid Charging


Frustrated by the lack of depth in the market's existing software solutions, JET Charge has co-founded Chargefox, a next generation software platform for the control of EV charging stations. 

Chargefox adds value to your charging station, by allowing you to bill for charging sessions, report on and monitor all charging stations assets, and perform preventative remote maintenance.

By monitoring usage of your charging assets, you can make informed decisions on future infrastructure investment.  Without it, you're left guessing.

More importantly, Chargefox ensures that electric vehicles are an asset to the grid, by offering deep grid integration, smart charging and V2G, load balancing and peak shaving.

We are the fastest growing network in Australia and New Zealand.

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EV Charging Hardware


We recognise that buying electric car charging hardware can be confusing.

That's why we don't believe in providing just an online store and leaving our clients to it.

We offer the largest range of hardware in Australia, with a station to fit every purpose, whether it be domestic, commercial or public.

What's more, all our "connected" electric car charging stations can come pre-commissioned on Australia's fastest charging network: Chargefox.

Unsure of what charger best suits your needs? The JET Charge team is here to help. Contact us through our form.


We believe in fighting for our sustainable future

That's why we are a member of these organisations, so that we can accelerate the deployment of electric car charging infrastructure.