Cables and Adapters

A cable can refer to a wide range of items in the world of EV charging. Listed below are some of the more specific terms you can use to refer to cables as.


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A lead typically refers to a cable used for public socket charging stations. Lead and socket charging stations allow any vehicles with any plug standard to charge from the station. This is achieved as having 1 end of the lead standard for the socket and the other end as plug standard of the vehicle. 



Adapters allow your electric vehicles to use chargers with a different plug standard. For example the cable seen on the left would allow any type 2 vehicle (such as a Telsa Model S) to charge from any station with a type 1 connector (J1772). 


Portable Chargers

Portable chargers are smaller devices that allow you to charge your car directly from a power point or industry socket. This means there is no installed charging station required. These are especially useful when traveling but tend to provide a lower charge rate than an installed electric vehicle charger.