Electric Car Guide

Making the leap from an internal combustion engine to an electric car is a big jump.

We're here to share some of our expertise to help you land on your feet.


Electric Vehicle Language

For those just starting out with electric cars - the lingo you need to know

Where do I charge?

Don't just charge at home - find out your options for destination and public charging

Vehicle Plug Types

The different plug standards out there and what this means for your charging needs

How long to charge my car?

No two cars or chargers interact the same. Know what charging speeds to expect

Cables and Adapters

The next step - adapters to allow you to charge anywhere, anytime

Cost of charging my car?

Electric car are cheaper to fill than their petrol cousins, but how much? Find out here

Cars on the Market

Learn more about your current EV or research your next adventure

Which cable do i need?

Find out which cable you need to charge of Australia’s several charging network.



Plug in Vehicles Global Markets

EV Sales

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