An Introduction to EV Charging

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To connect your EV charger to your electric car you'll need the right cable.  To make this easier, JET Charge has compiled a guide to the the available cables and adaptors, as well as an interactive recource to help you find the right cable for the job with a minimum of fuss.


Most of your EV charging will be done at home; it's just like plugging in your phone or laptop before bed, with your car fully recharged by the next morning.  Follow the link to learn more and fill in the form to book a home or apartment installation quote.

Providing EV charging for your employees & customers is a fantastic way to differentiate your business.  EV's are also ideally suited to company fleets and JET Charge is Australia's leader in fleet charging.


At present, there are several vehicle plug types for EVSE, primarily the Type 1 (used by American & Japanese brands) and Type 2 (used by Eruopean brands & Tesla).  A more comprehensive grounding EV plug types can be found here, crucial knowledge for any prospective EV owner.

JET Charge keeps a comprehensive and up-to-date guide on the EV's currently available in Australia (and those coming soon).  The EVSE you will need for each is listed, along with vehicle stats and variants.


As the number of EV's in the Australian market rises, people will come to expect that EV charging will be available in key public areas - keeping ahead of this trend will position councils for the future.


The Future is Electric

As the presence of electric vehicles (EV's) grows in the Australian market, we are beginning to see a boom in the infrastructure needed to support this new kind of transportation.  Electric cars need to be charged with specialised technology collectively called EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment); more and more we are seeing charging stations in our public places, our businesses and our homes, all designed to make driving an EV as convenient as possible.  On this page we provide an introduction to EV charging technology, with links to more comprehensive information.  We also explain the differences between charging locations and the technology appropriate for each.  Finally, JET Charge has a contact form & number; we're always happy to answer any EVSE-related questions you may have!

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