Electric Car Charging Management Software

The most innovative, open and easy to use EV Charging Station manager in Australia (and possibly the world).

Compatible with all OCPP hardware, EV Connect is a "pure" software platform, with no connections to hardware manufacturers.

That means we won't force you into any single hardware ecosystem.  You can use whatever charging station you'd like (though we think our EV Box is pretty great).

See the full feature suite below. 

Full control

The EV Connect platform gives you full control over your EV Charging Station. 

Charging history | Billing | Driver Groups | Remote Start | Reports


Full accessibility

Authentication should be simple, and there should be multiple ways to do it.  We give you those ways.

QR | Location | Station Number | Favourites | RFID

Full flexibility

We understand that sometimes your customers simply don't want to join a network.  That's why EV Connect allows you to charge "as a guest".  Simply download our free app and enter your credit card details if required.  No need to join.

Of course, it's easy and free to join.

Full visibility

A map based view is offered so that you can see all the charging stations within a certain area.  You can clearly see availability and usage.

Your clients will have real time tracking of their electricity usage and time spent charging.

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