Keba P20 - Your perfect managed charger


  • Modern, attractive units available in Type 1, Type 2 fixed cable and Type 2 socket
  • Type 2 socket is compatible with all cars
  • Selectable current - 10A to 32A, single to three phase (J1772 can only do single phase though!)
  • LED status lighting
  • Made in Austria
  • RCM Mark
  • Perfect for the JET Charge EV Network - a managed network designed for apartments, office buildings and public charging


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We are currently offering a remote management ready, 32A 3 phase unit (22kW) for only $1900 ex GST.  5% off if we install it for you.  The equivalent can set you back as much as $7500 from other companies.

Single phase units available for an even lower price.

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