Electric Car Charger Public Installations

Your customers would love you.

JET Charge are dedicated to the successful rollout of electric car chargers across Australia.

We provide a variety of hardware options to make that happen - check out our Wallpod and the EV Box.

All of it is connected through EV Connect, which is easy to use, open source and hardware agnostic.

EV charging stations open up "fueling options", turning every car park into an energy hub.  Your site can attract more customers and increase linger times (by up to 45 minutes), leading to more business for you or your tenants.

At the same time, site owners project an image of environmental sustainability and technological progressiveness - key differentiating factors when people decide where to shop, eat and play.

Public Charging Options

EV Connect and EV Box

The EV Box synchronises perfectly with EV Connect to provide a public charging solution with RFID access and online data tracking. Each user has an account and is billed for the use of the charger which helps recuperate the cost of electricity used. 

Standalone Chargers to Attract Drivers

Having a simple charging station such as the Basic Charge or Wallpod attracts drivers to the area. This may be to promote local businesses or facilities such as libraries. 


However, while these are popular combinations, there are many more and we can help you find the right one for your site. Get in contact today to discuss whats best for you.