Public Charging Hardware

Electric car charging completely changes how people "fuel".  Rather than going to a specific location to charge (eg petrol station), electric car owners can charge anywhere that has electricity.

So whether you are a retailer, commercial car park, council or any other site owner, installing electric vehicle charging station can attract and retain people to your site.


AC Charging Hardware

Suitable for any site where the driver stays for an hour or longer, AC charging presents a cost effective way to offer universal car charging to all electric car drivers.  Capable of up to 130km of range per hour of charge, we offer a huge range of AC chargers to suit any budget.


DC Charging Hardware

The ultimate in electric car charging technology, DC charging allows compatible cars to charge to 80% at rapid speeds.  By performing the rectification inside the unit itself, DC chargers are suitable for high visitor turnover sites, petrol stations, supermarkets etc.


As the fastest growing charging network in Australia and New Zealand, Chargefox allows all electric car owners to find and pay for your electric car charging station.

You can then use your private online dashboard to track sessions, report on and monitor your charging station, perform preventative maintenance and carry out over the air firmware updates.

You can also use Chargefox to load manage your charging stations and help you make decisions on future investments.

Chargefox adds additional value to your charging station.

Chargefox dashboard.PNG