Time to Charge your Electric Car

At Home

Most installed home chargers will allow you to fully charge your car overnight. For a BEV (battery electric vehicle), typically the time it takes to charge ranges from 5 - 8 hours but this depends largely on the size of the battery and the installed power of your car charger. Below you can estimate how long your charging process will take. 

Calculate your charging time

Disclaimer: The figures used for this esimation are based upon manfautuers specifications and a rough estimate of your charging setup. The calculation aims to give an approximate figure for the time of charging your car and should not be taken as an indefinite number due to a range of unaccountable factors.

What car do you drive?

Do have a 3-Phase electric vehicle charger (type 2 only)?

What current rating is your charger installed for / what capacity do you have in your switchboard (between 0 A and 63 A)? A

To fully charge your battery from 0% to 80% the minimum time is approximately: hours

Note that in an EV it is rare you will have an empty battery (let alone below 50%) and hence day to day charging is only a small portion of this time to fully charge the vehicle.


Portable Charger


Max Charge Rate: 10 A

Time to charge your vehicle:



Home Charger


Max Charge Rate: 32 A

Your Charge Rate:



Time to charge your vehicle:




Home Installation

If you are unsure of your current electrical capacity, JET Charge will provide a full assessment of your houses electrical capacity when you have your charger installed.

Head over to our installation page to arrange a install of your charger: Electric Car Home Installation

In Public

Standard public chargers will be high end AC Chargers installed up to 32 A 3-Phase. DC rapid chargers provide much faster charge rates than AC stations. These rapid chargers cannot be installed in homes due to the large amount of power they consume. 


The Tesla Superchargers (Tesla's DC rapid charger) range up to 120 kW of power which provides 270 km of range in as little as 30 minutes. These are currently the fastest charging stations available and are only compatible with Tesla cars. 

CHAdeMo and CCS stations typically have 40 - 60 kW of power giving up to 130 km of range in 30 minutes.

Note the range provided from these stations depend on each vehicle and its efficiency. 


Looking for a charging solution for a public space?

JET Charge has rolled out many electric vehicle chargers in public spaces. We have a range of solutions to meet your sites needs from key locked stations to RFID access.

Get in contact to let us find the right solution for you or head to our Public Charging Page!


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