Where to Charge your Vehicle



At Home

Typically, charging at home is the easiest way to charge your electric vehicle. Simply plug in when you get home every night and you'll be set to go by morning.

However, while this is the easiest option, it is not always the most convenient when it comes to travelling. 

Check out JET Charge's installation page for details on how to get your home charger installed.


In Public

There is an ever growing range of public charging infrastructure throughout Australia.

Above is a map from PlugShare which has mapped out many public charging stations including details of their plug standards and availability times. PlugShare will be your new best friend when finding a station to charge at in public or while away from home. 

The full map is available at: www.plugshare.com

A Few Other Options...


At Work

Workplace charging is becoming more popular as it attracts quality employees. A recent study in the US showed that employees were 20 times more likely to buy an EV if their workplace had EV charging available.

Go fill in the form on our workplace charging page to discuss your charging options.


Portable Charging

Most EV's come with a charger than can be plugged directly into a power point. These are useful because your EV can be charged anywhere but are limited to a maximum charge rate of 10 A.

You can find a range of charging products such as these portable chargers through EVnomics.


3-Phase Sockets

These 3-phase industrial sockets are common throughout Australia. For Tesla owners, these high power outlets can be harnessed by combining the Tesla Universal Mobile Connector, a Tesla Euro 5 pin tail (purchased from Tesla) and Tesla UMC 3-Phase adapter (found on EVnomics). This provides 16 A 3-Phase power giving you 50 km of range per hour.