Workplace & Fleet Charging Hardware

There are two places EV drivers charge the most: at home and at work. Whether you're an employee looking to have your work provide EV charging, or an employer looking for an edge, we can help you.

If you're looking for more information on how an installation for your fleet or workplace would work, click on the links below.


AC Charging Hardware

Capable of up to 130km of range per hour of charge, AC charging will compose the majority of your fleet's hardware needs.

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DC Charging Hardware

For fleets with more vehicles and shorter turnaround times, a DC charger might be appropriate in conjunction with AC charging.


As the fastest growing charging network in Australia and New Zealand, Chargefox allows all electric car owners to find and pay for your electric car charging station.

You can then use your private online dashboard to track sessions, report on and monitor your charging station, perform preventative maintenance and carry out over the air firmware updates.

You can also use Chargefox to load manage your charging stations and help you make decisions on future investments.

Chargefox adds additional value to your charging station.

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